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PSA 1: Your Emotions Will Kill Your Long-term Returns

Complete the objectives listed below the video, then leave a comment sharing how your emotions held up during our mental exercise along with any concerns you have about how much more difficult it'll be during an actual crash.

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  • Joseph Sayers says:

    Interesting exercise. I’ve not sold out of a loosing position yet, but I’m far from retiring so have time on my side where I can wait out a drop. When getting closer to retirement, I’d be more inclined to have much safer investments and pull out with as little as 5-8% drop. Nothing is worth the risk when approaching retirement. Taking risks and shooting for bigger gains are for young people with years ahead of them

  • Gerald says:

    Great vid, I’m up and ready. I struggle with holding on and most recently lost about 2 years worth of investments, but I’m young amd ready to go again.

  • Bob says:

    Very good overview of the topic.

  • Christian Viveros says:

    This makes sense. Human emotions play a big part in how we invest

  • Chris Van Eaton says:

    A truly devastating scenario… and you are right.. it has happened before. My grandparents went through the Great Depression.. they learned to be very frugal… something you don’t see much of anymore. And that’s why I’m here. To protect what I have… to learn how to do that… and to be educated enough to be able explain things to others… like my Mom… lol

  • Daniel Sanchez says:

    I cannot picture sums of physical money, but what I do see is my brokerage account displaying the number, and then that number dropping and dropping, freaking out about whether I should pull out or stay in. FOMO on the gains. I think 30% would be my breaking point.

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