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PSA 3: How Exposed Are You, Really?

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  • Kevin Enyeart says:

    Your videos are very clear and helpful. I am enjoying going through this course with you. I am treating it as a review, but I have picked up a few new things and am considering several different “what-if” situations that I really had not thought about much before. A very good mental exercise. I am actually considering a slight change of course, taking heed of your course content, which I think is very reasonable. Thank you.

  • Chris Van Eaton says:

    I have recently had conversations with two brokers both with over 35 years of experience… and the both said the same thing… one said in my 38 years there have been 29 market corrections and the market “always” returned to make a higher high…. such confidence!

  • Daniel Sanchez says:

    my portfolio would take a massive hit. Being 26, not only do I not have alot of money in the markets, but I’m 100% stocks.

  • Fabio L Milan says:

    Yes, I have 90% stocks, 80% in US

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