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Welcome to the Stop Investing Like They Tell You Companion Course

Discover Your Portfolio's

Potentially Ruinous Flaws


I'm really glad you're here. I'd like to briefly share some thoughts with you to introduce this course.

Millions of people take comfort in the fact that they invest their life savings according to Modern Portfolio Theory (a buy-and-hold, stock-and-bond strategy). A theory that originated from and has been expounded upon by several Nobel Prize winners. 

It's hard to argue with such a formidable force, and for the most part, I don't. However, I believe their theories have a few potentially ruinous flaws. Like cracks in your investment foundation, ignoring these risks could have devastating consequences.

When I first began to comprehend the magnitude of these problems, I left my career at a mainstream investment firm and dedicated myself to finding a better way. The notes I collected over the following year evolved into my first book, Stop Investing Like They Tell You.

I'm committed to helping those millions of people find a better way to protect and grow their life savings. As with any problem, the first step is acceptance. This companion course in particular dives deeper into the concerns I mention in Stop Investing Like They Tell You—it's designed for anyone with an open mind, whether you've read my book or not.

Congratulations on beginning your journey to a more confident investment future. 

Welcome to the Spicer Capital family!

—Stephen Spicer

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